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PSC Chairman: Nukes, yes, but find nuclear waste disposal site first

The chairman of North Dakota’s Public Service Commission has a word of advice for those who may be looking at nuclear for power production in North Dakota.

The state’s Department of Commerce is studying whether nuclear could be an option to meet the growing electricity demand, especially from projects like data centers.

PSC Chairman Randy Christmann said he supports nuclear power. However…

"Before we spend time working out all the minute details, and finding answers to all the easy questions, tell me where we're going to bury the waste," Christmann said. "Then when you solve that, then let's figure out all these easy parts, and spend time on that."

Christmann said all around the country, projects are proposed – but have not yet come to fruition, because of the lack of disposal.

Other Commissioners say public education will be necessary, to gather support for nuclear as an option.

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