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ND Highway Patrol superintendent to retire, and become the state's Facility Management Director


The superintendent of the North Dakota Highway Patrol is retiring, effective Dec.1.

But Col. Brandon Solberg isn’t leaving state government. He will become the director of the Facility Management Division of the state’s Office of Management and Budget.

Solberg has been with the Patrol since 1999, and was appointed Superintendent in 2018.

Solberg said he will miss the people he worked with at the NDHP.

"I've worked with such dedicated, hard working individuals," Solberg said. "They put in daily efforts to try to achieve our mission, to keep North Dakota safe and secure. That's what I will miss the most about this agency — all the great people we have."

At OMB, Solberg will succeed John Boyle, who is retiring after 22 years. Solberg said he had earlier worked in HP positions as support services director, dealing with office leases and office space, and projects large and small, and that's why he was attracted to the facilities management position.

"It's much of the same — working with leases, construction projects, and helping manage and track those," Solberg said. "Certainly on the Capitol grounds, all the activities and on-going projects and maintenance."

That includes the construction of a new State Laboratories building, now being built.

There are also plans for a military museum expansion of the Heritage Center, and the removal of the old State Office Building.

"There's just a lot of activity ongoing," Solberg said. "I have a strong interest in continuing that type of work."

The Superintendent position will be posted this fall.

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