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Lonely Songs

If loneliness is the cloak that you’re wearing, then you're in luck!

In this episode, Davey Bee and John David are here to regale you with stories of songs about feeling lonesome and deserted.

Song List

  • Roy Orbison, "Only The Lonely (Know The Way I Feel)"
  • Dion, "Lonely Teenager"
  • Bobby Vinton, "Mr. Lonely"
  • America, "Lonely People"
  • Eddie Holman, "Hey There Lonely Girl"
  • Jackie Wilson, "Lonely Teardrops"
  • The Motels, "Only The Lonely"
  • J. D. Souther, "You’re Only Lonely"
  • Andrew Gold, "Lonely Boy"
  • Yes, "Owner Of A Lonely Heart"
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