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John David

  • Step back in time once again with Davey Bee's Hit Song Vault podcast as the captivating conversation about 1950s singers continues! This episode promises more fun as Davey Bee and John David explore the music of the 50s, featuring iconic artists like Elvis, Bobby Darin, Sam Cooke, and all the fantastic tunes of famous chart-toppers from the golden era of music.
  • Immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of the 1950s as Davey Bee and John David share the biggest hits that defined a generation. From the smooth sounds of crooners to the energetic beats of pop music, this episode promises to transport you back in time to an era of musical brilliance!
  • From the smooth harmonies of The Temptations to the soulful vocals of Marvin Gaye, get ready for a journey through the golden era of Motown with hosts Davey Bee and John David.
  • Dive into Davey Bee's Hit Song Vault with this winter episode!
  • Explore the songs that The Beach Boys covered throughout their career — from iconic hits to lesser-known gems, this episode takes you on a musical journey through the influence that many artists had on this legendary band. Discover the stories behind the songs, and gain a deeper appreciation for the rock history that continues to inspire generations!
  • Join Davey Bee and John David as they explore the fascinating history of various versions of the song "Can’t Find The Time." With a plethora of renditions to discover, this episode guarantees a unique musical journey.
  • It’s appointment podcast time, with an episode devoted to hit television theme songs! Yes, in this episode of Davey Bee’s Hit Song Vault, Davey Bee and John David surf the channels and flip from one popular chart-topping TV show tune to another.
  • There’s nothing like a ray of sunshine shining in a hit song to brighten your day! In this episode, Davey and John David will enlighten and illuminate you with a conversation about music that's all about the sun and its radiant glow.
  • In this episode, Davey Bee and John David guide you through a delightful musical experience featuring dance and dancing songs. Lace up your dancing shoes and join us for half an hour of non-stop boogieing!
  • Of all the instrumental guitar bands of the century, The Shadows stand apart and above many of the rest. In this episode, Davey and John David discuss the history and the legacy of this influential and almost peerless English rock and roll band.