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Spotlight on “Can’t Find The Time”

Join Davey Bee and John David as they explore the fascinating history of various versions of the song "Can’t Find The Time." With a plethora of renditions to discover, this episode guarantees a unique musical journey.

Song List

  • Bruce Arnold, "Can’t Find The Time"
  • Orpheus, "Can’t Find The Time"
  • The Groovin’ Strings and Things, "Can’t Find The Time"
  • The Capris, "I Can’t Find The Time"
  • Hootie & The Blowfish, "Can’t Find The Time To Tell You"
  • Johnny Dollar, "Can’t Find The Time"
  • The Explorers Club, "Can’t Find The Time"
  • Capehart Pops Orchestra, "Can’t Find The Time"
  • Billy Stewart, "Summertime"
  • Rose Colored Glass, "Can’t Find The Time"
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