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Hagerott: New University System strategic plan 'impressive'

The new Chancellor of Higher Education says he’s very impressed by the University System’s new strategic plan.

Mark Hagerott says the plan is forward looking – and helps assure the system will be flexible.

"Unlike, let's say, an automobile plant, where you can stop and retool, or when Apple wants to put out another iPhone, they stop producing one and start another," said Hagerott. "Students are continuously coming through. We can't say, 'Hey -- let's not have a freshman class this year.'"

Hagreott says higher education has to adapt, change and build new programs, while continuing to serve the people who are showing up at the door.

"Using a maritime analogy, it's rebuilding the ship as it's cruising across the ocean," said Hagerott.

Hagerott says the plan has four major components.

"We take a system approach" said Hagerott. "We want to equip -- I call it "e-squared" -- our students.  It also talks about affordability -- life is not always easy for young people starting out, so affordability is crucial. And related to that is accessibility -- how do I get that class?"

Hagerott says all the presidents have bought into the plan – and he says it sets up the system for future success.

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