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House lawmakers combing through the higher education budget

ND University System

A House Appropriations subcommittee is now working on the budget for higher education.

This week, the University System and its 11 campuses are making presentations to the Education and Environment division. The Senate has already made some significant spending cuts. Its version proposes general fund spending of $616 million. That compares with $837 million in the current biennium.

"These campuses are doing the changes that are deep and significant," said Board of Higher Education president Kathleen Neset. "Those changes are impacting many, many lives. It os difficult to do -- very difficult."

Neset said the campuses have risen to the occasion.

"For the most part, I'm going to say that the campuses and presidents have done a very good job," Nest said. "The faculty, the administration have recognized the severity of this."

Neset said she stil believes there is what she called a "glimmer of hope."

"There is a future that is optimistic for this state again," Neset said. "And we will be better for having gone through this process."

Neset said the state’s current financial situation is a “big bump in the road.”

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