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Foundation gives $700,000 to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, Fort Mandan

Dave Thompson
Prairie Public

In 2015, the state of North Dakota bought the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center at Washburn from the Lewis and Clark Fort Mandan Foundation.

Now, the Foundation is giving the state Parks and Recreation Department $700,000 to support ongoing maintenance at the Center.

"At a time when we've worked to take $1.7 billion out of a $6 billion budget, any time a private foundation shows up and says, 'We'd like to bring a check with us,' we're very happy to have them," said Gov. Doug Burgum at a check presenting ceremony at the Capitol.

Burgum said it's another chapter in the continuing story that honors North Dakota's culture, the Native American culture. He said the Center is a way to capture all that history.

"As we continue to drive tourism in our state, this is certainly one of the attractions on the 'don't miss' list," Burgum said.

Foundation executive director David Borlaug said the group continues to raise money for the center’s operations. It spent $100 thousand this year on exhibits, programming and other enhancements there.

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