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Flying Machine


On this date in 1914, the Hansboro News reported: “Several farms and members of a threshing crew claim to have seen what appeared to be a flying machine in the sky a couple of miles north of town last Saturday afternoon. They claim the object was high in the air and came from the north and passed out of sight to the east. Eyewitnesses claim that what they saw resembled pictures they have seen of flying machines, and when asked if the object they saw couldn’t have been a ring of smoke from a nearby threshing engine, they answered emphatically that it could not.”

A week later, the paper reported, “The airship story [from] last week has been [published] on the front page of the Minneapolis Journal, the northwest’s greatest newspaper.”

Source: Hansboro News. 25 Sep 1914, 2 Oct 1914.

Dakota Datebook written by Merry Helm