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Piano Gambler


A curious case of embezzlement was reported on this day in 1913 by the Fargo Forum. The embezzlement involved C. E. Tincher of Grand Forks, who was in the employ of the Getts Piano Company as a traveling salesman. Traveling the western side of the state, Tincher was responsible for selling his carload of pianos to residents of that area. After some time, G. W. Getts, owner of the piano company, noticed a shortage in Tincher’s sales money. Getts reported the problem to local authorities, who found Tincher in the Dickinson area. It was discovered upon investigation that Tincher had lost half of his pianos in a poor hand of poker while traveling through Bismarck. Authorities charged the salesman with embezzling half a carload of pianos.


Fargo Forum and Daily Republican (Evening ed.). December 9, 1913: p.2.

Written by Jayme L. Job