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License Slogans


In 1951, North Dakota was looking for ideas for a license plate slogan. Something fresh, something that would sum up the state. People wrote in to the Bismarck Tribune with their ideas:

"Wheat is Our Gold;" "Hunter's Paradise;" "North Dakota, the Flickertail State."

However, a man from Beulah, E. P. Boland, seemed to have the right idea when he wrote to the paper with this comment: "Thirteen inches of snow was dumped on us November 15, 1950. Add to this what has fallen since and you have the sum total of what we are wallowing in now. Therefore, may I suggest "Land of Eternal Snow."

The slogan was quite different from today's "Peace Garden State" and "Discover the Spirit;" but certainly, it was something we can all agree with.

Dakota Datebook written by Sarah Walker


Bismarck Tribune, Thursday, February 22, 1951