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Sarah Walker

Contributor, Dakota Datebook
  • World War I caused turmoil in the United States even before America was involved. Some supported involvement, others objected, some just wanted to stay out of the war, and others left the country to support the fight. The United States would formally enter the conflict on April 4th, 1917. However, the months leading up to this momentous event were not devoid of discussion and preparation for military action.
  • It was in 1914 that the first official state basketball tournament was played in North Dakota. All participating schools played in one class. The champions from four districts went on to the state championship. The Fargo team won that very first tournament in games played in Fargo at the North Dakota Agricultural College.
  • During World War I, anti-German sentiment swept across the United States. This was reflected in the Espionage and Sedition laws passed to protect the home front. In North Dakota, the Reverend John Fontana was arrested and charged for violating this act.
  • Winter in North Dakota has a history of some great experiences and traditions. During the month of January, Dakota Datebook has celebrated winter in conjunction with the Northern Plains National Heritage Area and the Sons of Norway Sverdrup Lodge, as part of the inaugural “Vinterfest” a celebration of all things winter. Today’s topic is skiing.
  • On this date in 1917, American composer Charles Wakefield Cadman, and opera singer Tsianina Redfeather performed in Grand Forks at the Methodist Church after appearing at Bismarck at the City Auditorium the night before. They were doing a small circuit in North Dakota, thanks to the efforts of Sara Cushing of Fargo, wife of Walter Cushing, a well-known North Dakotan newspaper man.
  • October is Archives Month, and Halloween! Is a perfect time to discuss mediums and psychics. Their unorthodox work found its way into reports in various newspapers around the state, and these newspapers can be accessed through the North Dakota State Archives.
  • The North Dakota State Archives preserves two-dimensional objects like papers, photographs, film footage, diaries, and maps that document the history of the state and region. In 2022, the archives received a donation from the family of Marilyn Cross Hudson. She was born in Elbowoods in 1936. She married Charles Kent Hudson Sr. in Parshall in 1959.
  • In September 1925, Mrs. Florence H. Davis began working as librarian of the State Historical Society. She had been known in the community for a number of years, serving as librarian of the Bismarck Public Library since 1918.
  • October is Archives Month, where archives around the country celebrate the records in their holdings and recognize the archivists who assess, collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to information of lasting value. The North Dakota State Archives is part of the State Historical Society of North Dakota. Today we share a story of curator woes at the North Dakota archives.
  • In April 1917, the United States entered World War I. High school boys and older soon enrolled in the military. Community members of all ages grew gardens and gathered scraps. Some dissented.