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North Dakota’s first Powerball ticket was sold to State Representative Andy Maragos on this date in 2004. Maragos, who led the drive to allow the lottery, was first in line to try his luck. North Dakota voters had banned lotteries back in 1894. Since then, promoters tried repeatedly to repeal the ban, most notably in 1986 and 1996. Finally, in November 2002, voters lifted the ban; but they refused to allow a state -only game, making the North Dakota unique by allowing only multi-state gaming. Since scratch tickets are single-state games, North Dakota is the only lottery state without them. Despite that, many multi-jurisdictional games are allowed, including Powerball, MegaMillions, and Hot Lotto. Proceeds from the games go to the State’s General Fund and are mainly used to benefit public education.

Dakota Datebook written by Jayme L. Job