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August 21, 28, and September 4, 18: Smarter Health

Smarter Health: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of American Healthcare is a four-part exploration of how artificial intelligence and machine learning may revolutionize the healthcare industry. We’ll investigate the technology already available or in development for clinical settings, criticize the ethical dilemmas the technology presents in medicine, and understand the guardrails and regulations in progress to advise AI advancements.

This series will also introduce listeners to the people involved in AI in healthcare; scientists developing tools, clinicians and doctors using the tools, and patients experiencing changing technology as part of their care.

Listen on Sundays at 5pm on Prairie Public Presents. See airdates and times below for each episode, along with links to listen on-demand.

August 21 at 5pm
Episode 1: Potential of AI in health care?

August 28 at 5pm
Episode 2: Ethical Considerations

September 4 at 5pm
Episode 3: Guardrails, guidelines, and regulation

September 18 at 5pm
Episode 4: People

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