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ND University System

The state Board of Higher Education is tightening up its policy on the relationships between a college or university and its foundation – or other non-profit affiliate.

The new rules say the campus president must be an ex-officio non-voting member of the organization’s board.

This comes about because of litigation surrounding the activity center at Dickinson State University. The DSU Foundation financed the center – but it dissolved in 2015, and five banks have sued, looking for repayment of loans.

Higher Ed Board reacts to budget forecast

Feb 4, 2016

The State Board of Higher Education will be working to respond to the new state budget forecast.

Tammy Dolan is chief financial officer for North Dakota's University System.  She told the Higher Ed Board that the system office knew there was a possibility a budget allotment was coming, so they started working on projections that allowed for a 2.5 percent allotment last December.  The budget forecast on Monday revealed that across the board budget cuts would take effect at 4.05 percent.  Dolan explained what that meant to the University System...

The Legislature’s Budget Section has decided to delay a decision over whether to release contingency funds held back from the North Dakota University System office.

The budget bill for the state’s colleges and universities contained a provision to hold $1 million back from the system office – to allow a new Chancellor to make changes in staffing. It gave the authority to make the decision to the Budget Section.

A search committee has decided to forward one name to the state Board of Higher Education – for president of Dickinson State University.

The Committee had earlier picked two: Thomas Mitzel, from Trinity College in Connecticut, and Daniel Hanson from Peru State College in Nebraska. But Hanson withdrew. And the search committee decided today – on a 7 to 4 vote – to forward Mitzel’s name.

Wednesday – the Legislature will get a new revenue forecast.

And that will guide the final decisions on spending.

Already, budget increases have been reduced from what Governor Dalrymple had proposed. But Legislative leaders say it’s not correct to call those reductions “budget cuts.”

"Pretty much, every budget is bigger than it was last time," said House Majority Leader Al Carlson (R-Fargo). "The only reductions are in their increases, not in their budgets."

The interim Chancellor of the North Dakota University System says the “higher education roundtable” concept is under attack in this Legislative session.

The Roundtable dates to 1999. The concept was to give higher education flexibility – with accountability. But Larry Skogen says this year, there are attempts to have the Legislature take more control.

House passes higher ed budget

Feb 26, 2015

The House has passed a higher education budget.

The House voted to separate the bill into two divisions - one division had to do with spending priorities in the bill.  The other dealt with employees of the State Board of Higher Education.  The bill proposed that auditors within the University system be moved to state offices, and that attorneys be moved to the Attorney General's Office.  Fargo Democratic Representative Josh Boschee said this move would put the State Board of Higher Education in a vulnerable position.