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Could North Dakota be in store for a LaNina winter?

Oct 20, 2017

Weather patterns in the South Pacific are bordering on a La Nina style formation. As a result the forecast for the upcoming winter is a bit “mixed.” Reporter Todd McDonald has details…

Talking farm bill and federal budgets In Moorhead

Oct 20, 2017

          “It was really sort of a ‘Not Unexpected’ outcome…”

That’s how Minnesota U-S Senator Amy Klobuchar describes Thursday night’s vote on the Senate budget resolution. Klobuchar says the mostly party-line vote is a non-binding precursor to an actual budget vote before the end of the year…

Wind energy is growing North Dakota's economy

Oct 20, 2017

North Dakota's future in wind energy is looking promising.

According to a study by North Dakota State University's Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics, wind energy had an economic impact of more than 170-million dollars in 2016. Tammy Ibach is director of North Dakotans for Comprehensive Energy Solutions. She says the study predicts a growing future for North Dakota's energy strategy.

Office of Management and Budget

September's revenue collections are in.

And they're ahead of forecast.

State Office of Management and Budget director Pam Sharp said they came in $16.5 million ahead of forecast. And since July, the beginning of FY 2018, state revenues are $26.5 million ahead.

"We do believe we have turned the corner," Sharp said.

Sharp said things have picked up since the spring.

"We've had some really good, solid months of sales tax collections," Sharp said. "I think a lot of that has been generated from the western part of the state. It's encouraging."

North Dakota’s coal regulatory and abandoned mine land programs have received high marks from the federal Office of Surface Mining.

The reports come from the year that ended June 30th.

The programs are under the Public Service Commission. Commission chairman Randy Christmann said the reports show North Dakota has a cost-effective program that doesn’t need any corrective action.

A new campaign finance study found a large portion of contributions to campaigns of legislative candidates went unreported in 2016.

Dr. Nicholas Barouth is managing director of the Upper Midwest Regional Center on Public Policy at North Dakota State University. He says a loophole in the state's campaign finance law allows some contributions to remain undisclosed - any contribution $200 or less does not need to be reported. 38 percent of contributions during the 2016 campaign were labeled " no reportable contributions for reporting period. Barouth says this creates an issue.

AARP has filed with the Public Service Commission to formally intervene in the latest Montana Dakota Utilities Company’s natural gas rate increase.

"This is the third natural gas rate increase for MDU in the last 4 years," said AARP state president Josh Askvig.

MDU is asking to raise its rates by 5.4 percent. That would mean $5.9 million. MDU will do this by raising the fixed rate cost – the cost charged just to bring the natural gas to the home. It would bring that cost to $22.58 a month. Askvig said four years ago, the charge was $9 a month.

The state Department of HumanServices hosted an Opioid Prevention training seminar at the state Capitol in Bismarck.

The Department's director of behavioral health, Pam Sagness, said prevention can take a number of forms.

"That can be administering medication like naloxone to save a life, but also looking at community prevention," Sagness said. "those community efforts may prevent the abuse of opioids in the first place."

Indian Country Media Network

The North Dakota Native American Hall of Honor inducted six new honorees in September. In one case, an entire team is the honoree. Here’s the story from Makoche studios on The Fort Yates Warriors “Miracle Team,” which won the Class A Basketball championship in 1973.

Cramer holds tax reform roundtable

Oct 18, 2017
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer has been holding a series of roundtable meetings across the state – gathering feedback about the potential for tax reform and relief.

One such roundtable was held Tuesday (10-17-17) in Bismarck.

Cramer said while the House is ready to pass a tax reform bill, there’s still some uncertainty in the Senate.


News from NPR

Sexual-assault allegations against Roy Moore have reverberated from Alabama to Washington, D.C.

Many Republican leaders have pulled their support from Moore, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, the head of National Republican Senatorial Committee, the committee in charge of electing GOP senators.

The 'Missed Opportunity' Of Trump's Asia Trip

1 hour ago

When President Trump returned this week from a 12-day, five-nation swing through Asia, he gave himself high marks for the "tremendous success of this trip."

But experts say that while he avoided major blunders during his stops in Japan, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines, the president missed more than one opportunity to offer his administration's strategic vision for the region — the world's largest, most populous and fastest growing.

Every time there is a mass shooting in the United States, there is a flurry of concentration on those who died, the alleged or confessed perpetrator, and the sobered, devastated town that will be forever changed.

Then at some point, the press caravan moves on — from Sutherland Springs, from Orlando, from Las Vegas. And within weeks, or sometimes just days, another mass shooting is being reported.

The public attention moves on, but those affected families don't.

When he started working as a bartender a few years ago in Seattle, Howie Echo-Hawk says he began experiencing discrimination. First, a bar manager told him to get a respectable haircut.

"I had a Mohawk, which is the traditional style of my people and I wore it because of that," he said. Echo-Hawk is a member of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma.

Rather than argue, Echo-Hawk cut his hair. Then, a few months later, he broke his ankle and had to take some time off.

On a sunny weekday afternoon, chef Bonnie Morales leads me past the Q subway line in the Brighton Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y. We are going shopping for Russian food.

Morales owns Kachka, a restaurant in Portland, Ore., that serves food from the former Soviet Union. It's one of the most popular places to eat in one of the hottest food cities in the country.

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