Big gift to help U-Mary Engineering school

Apr 22, 2018

The company that built the Dakota Access Pipeline has given Bismarck’s University of Mary $5 million for its engineering school.

Energy Transfer Partners – and Sunoco – presented the University with the first $3 million check Friday (4-20-18).

"The need for well-educated engineers is only going to increase as our nation's economy continues to change," ETP executive vice-president for Human Resources Chris Curia said at an event announcing the gift. "We see an increased demand for all types of engineers."

Curia said the energy industry, and ETP in particular, rely on engineering talent to be successful.

Energy Transfer Partners executive VP for Human Resources (I) with University of May president Msgr. James Shea at the announcement of the gift for the engineering school.
Credit Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

"Our goal is to produce a new kind of engineer," said Engineering School Chair Terry Pilling. "That's one that has the communications skills to effectively explain their ideas, combined with a salesmanship skill to compete in the marketplace."

Pilling said the gift from ETP puts the University "well on the path" of achieving that goal.

ETP will also be investing another $2 million in workforce training.