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Friday, February 4 – Montana natives Keir Graff and James Grady have contributed to, and curated, a collection of hard-edged Western tales for “Montana Noir,” the latest in a noir series from Akashic Books. ~~~ News director Dave Thompson is here with this week’s discussion of the latest headlines. ~~~ Matt Olien reviews “The Post” and “Phantom Thread.”

“Beer in the Climate Crosshairs” is a report by Ari LeVaux of the Food & Environment Reporting Network. It explains how the growing frequency of hot, dry weather and powerful storms is wreaking havoc on barley farmers. Both growers and brewers are facing a volatile future as researchers race to develop strains that can better withstand the new climate realities. ~~~ Chef Tim Rosendahl is here with this week’s food topic as he discusses his work in Minneapolis helping with Super Bowl food logistics. ~~~ Doug and Christine McClellan have our What’s Happening calendar of events.

Christina Dymock, author of "The Chocolate Lover's Cookbook” helps us kick off our Short and Sweet membership drive, which features the popular chocolate truffles from Nichole’s Fine Pastry. ~~~ From this week’s Prairie Pulse television show, host Barb Gravel visits with Brent Ekstrom, executive director of the Lewis and Clark Development Group. ~~~ Chuck Lura shares a Natural North Dakota essay on "River Otters."

In another episode from the Cutting Ed podcast, host Tom Gerhardt visits with state senator Erin Oban, who represents District 35. She serves on the Education Committee and is chair of the Education Policy Committee. They discuss education innovation from a policy standpoint. ~~~ A report from Harvest Public Media on labor issues that may be exacerbated by immigration policies. Fran Morris has the story.

Monday, January 29 – UND recently hosted a Three Minute Thesis Competition, an event that requires students to explain their research in just three minutes – in an engaging, and accessible and compelling way. Here with some highlights and to explain the purpose of the event is Dr. Grant McGimpsey, UND vice president for research & economic development. ~~~ Harriett Skye, a pioneering Sioux woman who paved the way for Native Americans and hosted an unprecedented TV program in Bismarck, has died at age 86.

Friday, January 26 – The American Lung Association has released a “State of Tobacco Control” report, which looks at each state’s progress in addressing the use of tobacco. Here to discuss the situation in North Dakota is Reba Mathern-Jacobson, director of tobacco control for the Lung Association in North Dakota. ~~~ Over the winter months, farmers are talking to their bankers to find out if they’ll receive the loans they need to buy things like seeds and fertilizer. Some will hear "no," despite government efforts make more money available.

Thursday, January 25 – This week’s Prairie Pulse television show is hosted by Matt Olien. Joining him is Greg Carlson, director of film studies and media activities at Concordia College, for a discussion of current trends in the movie industry and the art of movie reviewing. ~~~ Also from this week’s Prairie Pulse show, a “Lines and Notes” performance by pianist Teri Manno and poet Kevin Zepper.

Wednesday, January 24 – Jode Freyholtz-London, founder and executive director of Wellness in the Woods in Verndale, Minnesota, presented to landlords today in Fargo on the subject of mental health first aid. The idea is to help landlords deal with tenants who experience a crisis. She joins us to share some of that advice. ~~~ Commentary from Bruce Berg: “The Good Congress.” ~~~ Advanced biofuels are touted as the next step beyond corn-based ethanol. They’re also supposed to bring jobs to rural communities and provide additional revenue for farmers.

Tuesday, January 23 – Highlights and discussion regarding governor Doug Burgum’s State of the State address. Joining us to discuss the address is news director Dave Thompson. Also along with a Democratic response is Senator Joan Heckaman District 23, New Rockford. ~~~ Last week we discussed the proposed Davis Refinery with landowner Laura Grzanic and PSC commissioner Julie Fedorchak. Today we hear from Meridian Energy CEO William Prentice.

Monday, January 22 – In another episode of the Cutting Ed podcast, host Tom Gerhardt visit with Kayla Delzer, a third-grade teacher in Mapleton, North Dakota.  She recently received the Global Hundred Award, honoring her ideas on reimagining education, and the New York Times has called her "one of the tech-savviest teachers in the United States.” Delzer grew up in Lakota, North Dakota, where both of her parents were teachers.