Some adopted kids want to know their birth parents, some don’t.

For Gary Anderson, it was his own kids who finally persuaded him to ask questions. One even bought him a DNA kit from That’s when he discovered he has nine half siblings.

He told the story to his niece Cathryn Sprynczynatyk at the StoryCorps mobile recording booth in Bismarck of how he figured out who his parents were, based on a report from what was “technically” a closed adoption.

Bismarck Baseball

Jun 28, 2018

On this date in 1920, baseball was the hot topic in Bismarck. The city’s semi-pro baseball team was gearing up for action after their "championship team" had been disbanded in 1917 due to World War I.  Now back together and on solid financial grounds, the team wanted to garner interest to keep the team playing.

Julian Eltinge

Jun 4, 2018

On this date in 1918, the Bismarck Theater featured a performer “hailed by women as the most beautiful example of their sex.” However, Julian Eltinge was not a woman, but a “female impersonator,” and one of the most celebrated and highest paid performers in the United States.

The Tribal nations are an important part of North Dakota’s infrastructure, especially the tribal colleges. A recent report from 2017 found that tribal colleges contributed almost 193 million dollars to the state economy. One of the tribes included in the study was Nuesta Hidatsa Sahnish College or NHSC. Its main headquarters are in New Town, but it has branches in Mandaree and White Shield.


Several early businesses in Bismarck went up in flames when the city’s first major fire swept the downtown, starting in a saloon late one night in March of 1877. Hotels, saloons, the bakery, the drugstore, the billiard hall—all were wooden buildings lost in the blaze.


Dakota’s territorial lawmakers convened in Bismarck in January of 1885. It was the first legislative session after the territory’s capitol was yanked from Yankton. By a capitol commission’s five to four vote in 1883, Yankton lost the “seat of government,” and that led to backlash including court battles and the removal of Governor Nehemiah Ordway.

Bismarck in top 5 of best capital US cities

Feb 22, 2018

North Dakota's capital city is ranked 5th in the country on a list of best state capitals to live in.

On the night of January 26th, 1992 we can presume that most of the 200 residents in Menoken, North Dakota were sleeping. It’s a small farming town just east of Bismarck. No one had any idea that 15-year-old Michael David Neugebauer was murdering his four family members.

If you’ve travelled around the Midwest, you may have seen signs for Butler Machinery. While you may have known it specializes in heavy equipment, you may not have known that this expanding company has its roots right here in North Dakota.

Bismarck mayor will not face a recall election

May 19, 2017
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

There will not be a mayoral recall election in Bismarck.

A group opposing Mayor Mike Seminary circulated petitions for a recall. The group needed 1898 valid signatures to recall the mayor. 2405 signatures were collected. But Bismarck city manager Keith Hunke said because of discrepancies, the state's Bureau of Criminal Investigation was called in to take a look.