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New voter ID bill heads to the Governor

Apr 17, 2017
ND Legislature

The Legislature has passed and sent to Governor Bugrum a new voter ID bill.

It replaces the law that was declared unconstitutional by a federal judge in North Dakota.

The law – passed in 2013 – got rid of the “voter affidavit.” A person who wanted to vote but did not have proper ID could sign that affidavit – and would be allowed to vote. But Judge Daniel Hovland ruled that because the affidavit was discontinued, there was no “fail safe” mechanism for voters without an ID. Hovland said that would put an undue burden on the Native American population.

Legislative committee looking at Voter ID law tweaks

Jan 27, 2017
Courtesy ND Legislature

The Legislature will be considering some changes to North Dakota’s “Voter ID” laws that supporters say should be acceptable to the courts.

A federal judge struck down the law – saying it created an undue burden for Native Americans.

The old law used to allow a “voter affidavit” for any voter who didn’t have an ID. That part of the law was removed in the 2013 Session. But because Judge Daniel Hovland said North Dakota didn’t have a “fail safe” way to let individuals without ID vote, the state allowed the affidavits in 2016.

Voter affidavits OK for November election

Sep 22, 2016
Courtesy Secretary of State

North Dakota voters who don’t have an approved ID will still be able to vote – if they sign a “voter affidavit.”

"By completing the affidavit, and at minimum, providing their name, birthdate and residential address, they will be given a ballot," said Secretary of State Al Jaeger.

Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider says he has an idea of how to change North Dakota's voter ID law.

Burleigh auditor frustrated voters were turned away

Nov 7, 2014

The Burleigh County Auditor says there is an "inherent problem" with voter requirements in North Dakota.