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Compliance checks in Minot yield few violations

Representatives of state agencies who conducted a compliance check of contractors in the Minot area say they’re very pleased with the results.

Perrell Grossman is the head of the Attorney General’s consumer protection unit. He says the agencies st0pped at 28 work sites in Minot and inspected 194 different contractors, to make sure they had the proper licenses and registration.

"Although we did discover 7 unlicensed contractors that will face some sanctions and penalties, about 96 percent of the contractors were in compliance," said Grossman.  He says this compliance check sent a strong message.

"The Attorney General, the Secretary of State and the other state agencies are paying very close attention to the large amount of construction activity in the area," said Grossman. "And we want everyone to follow the same ground rules when it comes to the licensing requirement."

Grossman says a majority of contractors found to be without a license said they would pursue proper registration and licensing.

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