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Xcel Energy announces its 2022 grant program

The Xcel Energy Foundation has opened applications for its 2022 grant program.

The program is for non-profits. And this year, it’s called “Energizing The Future.”

"Our annual foundation grant program provides the opportunity for non-profits to apply for funds to enhance education, support environmental sustainability, as well as helping the vitality of our communities, from the standpoint of what non-profits' contributions are for those communities that we serve," said Xcel spokesperson Tony Grindberg of Fargo.

Grindberg said the education piece will focus on “STEM” activities, and the environmental sustainability piece has a focus on such things as natural habitats, community green spaces and conservation education.

"This year, the 'community vitality' portion adds entrepreneurship as an area to focus and support sustained community vitality for our region," Grindberg said.

The grants will be awarded in June.

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