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440 new COVID-19 cases confirmed statewide over the past week

ND Dept of Health

The state health department's coronavirus dashboard indicates a slight increase in infections this month.

COVID-19 cases have increased over the last couple of weeks.

On April 15th, the state health department reported 267 new cases had been confirmed that week. The following week on April 22, 336 new cases were confirmed. According to the department’s coronavirus dashboard, 440 new cases have been confirmed statewide over the last seven days.

This averages out to just under 63 new cases per day. The dashboard indicates North Dakota’s case-rate per 100,000 people as 58.

In the last seven days, 31 new patients with COVID-19 were admitted to hospitals. As of today, 52 inpatient beds and four ICU beds are currently occupied with COVID patients.

The full dashboard can be viewed here: https://www.health.nd.gov/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/north-dakota-coronavirus-cases

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