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UND President: Inflation has become a major concern in higher education

Shawna Noel Schill

The president of the University of North Dakota says inflation is a big concern in the University System.

"Whether it's the cost of delivering education, or the pressures that faculty and staff members are seeing in the community with an increase in prices — this is something we have to examine very carefully," said UND President Andrew Armacost. "How do we make sure the compensation that our valuable employees get compensated for the hard work they do."

Armacost said this becomes important in recruiting and retaining staff. And he said it’s a message to present to the public.

"We have to articulate the important case of the value the University System brings, and the importance of us taking care of the people who make that education happen," Armacost said.

Inflation and retention were two big issues at the recent Board of Higher Education retreat. Armacost said at UND, the turnover among tenured faculty has been fairly low.

"But I don't think that obviates the need for making sure there's a fair wage paid," Amacost said. "We need to make sure faculty and staff can keep up with the rising costs we're seeing across the nation."

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