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Car Problems


On this date in 1946, the car industry was in trouble. Labor issues led to a shutdown of the Ford Company and suspension of production at GM and Chrysler. Production and profits dropped.

Perhaps the resulting car shortage was one reason Frank Nash Jr. of Minot pulled his old 1913 Overland out of the garage. It was old even then, and had been standing idle for the past 20 years. But once he started to drive, the machine wouldn't stop! Despite his most fervent efforts to rein-in the machine, Frank's only option was to continue to drive. Finally, the gasoline ran out and Frank's extended drive came to an end. But in spite of the experience, Frank was still considering putting the machine back in service if the automobile shortage became worse.

Dakota Datebook written by Sarah Walker "http://www.prairiepublic.org/wp-content/uploads/overland-2.jpg"


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