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New voting machines being 'put through the paces'

Jun 26, 2019

New voting machines for North Dakota are set up in a room at the Capitol.

"We're putting them through the paces, said Deputy Secretary of State Jim Silrum. "We want to make sure they can handle our open primary, and any election we would throw at it."

It is the Secretary of State's job to certify the new devices, and de-certify the devices that are no longer used.

Missing Bismarck infant found

Jun 26, 2019
Bismarck Police

A missing infant girl was located in Bismarck.

The 7-month old girl – LeahMae Dawn Morsette -- was last seen with her mother early Sunday morning. It’s believed 27-year old Dawn Morsette left the child with another person. The mother was arrested Monday night and charged with child neglect and preventing arrest.

Bismarck Police Lt. Luke Gardner said LeahMae says around 4 pm Tuesday, police were told LeahMae had been found, and was taken to Sanford Medical Center in Bismarck.

"She is safe and healthy," Gardner said.

D. Webster

A Fargo based solar company is working with other local businesses to install two solar projects in Fargo and Moorhead this week.

John Bagu is President of Community Electrification, and has powered his personal home and cars with electricity from solar power for the last six years. He says his company is working with roofers, electricians and public service departments to begin installing solar panels on residences.  The Moorhead installation consists of 18 panels that will generate 8,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year.

Bismarck police continue their search for a 7 month old infant girl, who has been missing since last night.

LeahMae Dawn Morsette was last seen in the 300 block of West Arbor Avenue around 1:00 am Sunday morning. She and her mother –27 year old Dawn Morsette – were caught on a security camera. Police arrested the mother about 9 last night, charging her with child neglect and preventing arrest.

Police believe she may have left the child with 31 year old Cole Lee Pfaff. Police don’t know where he is, and are asking for the public’s help to find him.

FEMA approves several ND mitigation projects

Jun 25, 2019

Several North Dakota hazard mitigation projects have been selected by the Federal Emergency Management Agency for further review under the federal Flood Mitigation Assistance and Pre-Disaster Mitigation programs.

The projects have a combined price tag of around $18 million. They include flood protection for Fargo’s water and wastewater treatment plants; storm shelters at Tobacco Gardens Recreational Area in McKenzie County and in Beulah; riverbank stabilization projects in Jamestown and south of Bismarck; and 11 other projects around the state.

Japan may re-open its border to more US beef

Jun 25, 2019

The US Meat Export Federation expects Japan to open its border to imported beef from the US, regardless of the age of the cattle.

And the Federation says that will likely result in $150 to $200 million in additional trade with Japan.

The country had previously barred imports of US beef from cattle over 30 months of age since 2005, when some US cattle tested positive for so-called “mad cow” disease.

North Dakota Beef Commission member Clark Price of Hensler was at a recent meeting in Kansas City, where the Federation made that announcement.

Bismarck infant missing

Jun 25, 2019
Bismarck Police

A seven-month-old infant is missing in Bismarck.

LeahMae Dawn Morsette was last seen on surveillance video with her mother in the 300 block of west Arbor Avenue at around one am yesterday morning.

Police listed her as missing after her mother – 27-year-old Dawn Morsette – was arrested last night, and could not provide information as to the infant’s whereabouts. Dawn Morsette was arrested for child neglect and preventing arrest.

LeahMae is described as a Native American, believed to be wearing a tan button-up onesie with shorts, or a magenta shirt with pink shorts.

North Dakota Human Service Zones

Jun 24, 2019

The North Dakota legislature broke up North Dakota into 19 multi-county “human service zones” as an extension of the previous state legislative Senate Bill 2206 approved by lawmakers in 2017, to provide stronger services to the entire state. Chip Ammerman, Director of Cass County Social Services, says the basis for the legislation is strong.

A group is working to get enough signatures to refer the bill dealing with a proposed Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum to voters.

That facility would be built in Medora.

The 2019 Legislature passed a bill to appropriate $15 million from the state’s General Fund, plus allow for a $35 million loan from the Bank of North Dakota to create an endowment fund – if $100 million can be raised privately. The $50 million would go toward maintenance and operation.

The bill was one of Gov. Doug Burgum's priorities in the 2019 Legislature.

The 2019 Legislature voted to merge the state’s Department of Career and Technical Education with the Center for Distance Education.

The Center for Distance Education manages online course offerings.

State CTE director Wayde Sick called it a good marriage.

"The Center for Distance Ed provides courses broader than just career and technical education," Sick said. "But this will only strengthen what our virtual career-tech ed centers are doing."

Sick said the CDE can use its technology, and CTE can use its curriculum and expertise to reach even more students.