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Interim committee talks property taxes

May 30, 2012

An interim Legislative committee is looking at a bill to provide further property tax relief for homeowners. Prairie Public's Dave Thompson reports.

John Walstad is an attorney for the Legislative Council. He told the interim Taxation committee the relief would come through a formula similar to the Homestead property tax exemption – and it would exempt up to the first 75-thousand dollars of the assessed valuation of the residence.

Looking Back At A Legislative Career

May 29, 2012
State of Minnesota

When Minnesota lawmakers go back to Saint Paul in 2013, Glyndon state Senator Keith Langseth will no longer be the most senior member of the legislature... Prairie Public reporter Todd McDonald has this story...


A "Capitol" apology

May 24, 2012
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

A Minnesota lawmaker came to the North Dakota state Capitol in Bismarck– with apologies about a remark a colleague made about the Capitol.

The story from Prairie Public’s Dave Thompson.