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Burgum upgrades 21 counties' risk levels as virus surges through state

At his weekly COVID-19 briefing, Governor Doug Burgum acknowledged the widespread community transmission of the virus as positivity rates from testing have increased.

He says as of tomorrow at 5pm, the risk level of 21 counties will officially advance.

Burgum says five counties will be upgraded from the “new normal” category.

"Cavalier, Griggs, Pierce, Ransom and Steele. Those are all moving up to the 'green,' or low risk level."          

Eight counties are being upgraded from the low risk level to the moderate risk level.

"Adams, Hettinger, Kidder, Pembina, Rolette, Stutsman, Traill and Wells County."

Burgum says eight more counties are being upgraded from moderate to high risk.

"And those eight counties are Grand Forks, Mercer, LaMoure, Ramsey, Richland, Towner, Walsh and Ward. And in addition to the 21 I just covered, the remaining 32 counties will remain at their current levels."

Burgum says city and county leadership has the option to view the North Dakota Smart Restart guidance according to their updated risk levels to see recommendations on how to slow the spread. That guidance is found on the North Dakota Department of Health website.

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