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Wynne: Students doing OK during the pandemic

The chairman of the North Dakota University System’s Smart Restart task force has been calling students, asking them how they’re doing during this COVID-19 pandemic.

"The pretty consistent message I get is, 'We're doing pretty well, but it really is a challenge," UND Medical School dean Dr. Joshua Wynne told the state Board of Higher Education.

Wynne said the students have said "thank you" to the North Dakota University System for trying to keep the campuses open.

"The say 'we as students really value the face-to-face and person-to-person impact," Wynne said.

Wynne said the survey also showed students are willing to do what they can to help keep the campus open – including wearing masks, practicing frequent hand washings and keeping physical distance.

"I find that encouraging," Wynne said. "And is we can help them by good contact tracing, and even more robust testing, I think we can do that."

Wynne said the challenge ahead is the Thanksgiving holday.

"It's very clear that small gatherings are now a driver," Wynne said. "The real concern is -- what'sx going to happen around Thanksgiving -- and following Thanksgiving -- if all of us do what we traditionally have done, which is to get our extended families together at Thanksgiving."

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