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UND hires new Aerospace Dean

UND has hired Robert Kraus as the new Dean of UND Aerospace.

Kraus is currently the associate dean for flight and operations at Kent State University in Ohio. He previously was with the US Air Force, and was part of the Air Force Academy in Coloradio Springs.

Kraus said he’s excited about the opportunity.

"The flight and the aviation training program that's there -- there is no where else in the country that can compare," Kraus said. "And you add on to that all of the unmanned aerial systems training and education that's going on, in addition to the other departments in the college -- the atomspheric sciences, the earth systems science and policy. When you look at it as a whole, it's a great combination of science, educatiion, research and application."

Kraus said the UAS program is a real opportunity for UND.

"There's such great support from the state Legislature, the Governor's office and the entire state," Kraus said. "Then you add the business side of it. The University is a great partner to all of that."

Kraus said you look at the research side and the education side of UAS, and you can ask where the University can contribute. He said he’s hoping to build upon the school’s successes.

Kraus starts January 15th. The current dean – Paul Lindseth – is returning to his position as a professor in the Aviation Department.

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