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Canvassing board finalizes the results of the 2024 primary election

State Canvassing Board
Dave Thompson
State Canvassing Board

The state Canvassing Board has certified the results of the 2024 primary election.

"Everything we heard from all 53 counties is that everything went off without a hitch," said North Dakota Secretary of State Michael Howe.

Howe said 120,358 ballots were cast.

"That's 20.26 percent voter turnout," Howe said. He said while it was up from two years ago, but it is slightly below average, which is 22 percent.

Of the ballots cast, just over 11,000 were absentee, 25,500 were vote by mail, and in the eight counties who had early in-person voting, 12,208 votes were cast.

Howe said one problem encountered was the lack of postmarks on some of the mail-in ballots. He said that has happened before.

"This was more widespread than in previous years," Howe said. "We're going to seek to insure that widespread activity of not postmarking election mail can be minimized as much as we can."

Howe said he hopes to have a meeting soon with US Postal officials, to try and emphasize the importance of those postmarks. In some counties, the county canvassing board decided to accept those mail-in ballots without postmark.

A ‘demand recount’ could happen in one Legislative race – in District 26. Howe said if a candidate wants a recount, the candidate would have to pay for it.

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