Burgum: ND has testing capabilities | Prairie Public Broadcasting

Burgum: ND has testing capabilities

Apr 21, 2020

Governor Burgum says the "disappointing" low number of tests reported in today's COVID-19 status report could be due to lagging weekend data.

240 tests were processed yesterday. Burgum says it can take a couple of days for the information to catch up after a weekend, and the state has worked hard to ramp up its testing capabilities in order to combat the novel coronavirus.

"We have the number of test kits available in the state - they're available at clinics and hospitals around the state. Our providers would ask you call before you come in; occasionally we still see a story that says 'I had symptoms, and wanted to get tested, but I was turned down.' If you're one of those individuals, if you have the energy to write a Facebook post then hopefully you have the enery to call the North Dakota state hotline and we'll set you up with a provider to get you tested. The way we get out of this is with higher testing rates."

Burgum says as focus shifts toward reopening the economy, it's important to remember that testing rates are a key factor to lock in before discussion on lifting restrictions can move forward. Burgum says even the White House guidelines stress the need for lower positive test results, and higher testing numbers.

Burgum says North Dakota is currently 9th in the nation in its testing per capita rate.