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Senate defeats Sunday morning retail sales

Mar 14, 2017

A bill that would have allowed retailers to be open on Sunday mornings has failed in the North Dakota Senate.

Current law makes it a Class B misdemeanor to operate a business before noon on Sundays. There are exceptions for businesses like restaurants, hospitals, hotels and gas stations. Opponents of the repeal of most of that law say workers need Sunday mornings to spend with their families - perhaps at church. One such opponent is Senator Robert Erbele. He calls the need for Sunday morning retail sales "selfish consumerism," and says everyone needs a moment to rest.

Journeys Through Justice: Reinvesting from Prisons to Services

Feb 13, 2017

Here's a simple fact. The number of people in North Dakota’s prisons and jails is growing at a faster rate than almost every other state in the country. Many prisoners in North Dakota are serving time for drug related crimes. And many end up back in the system within a year of their release. A year ago legislators and others with a vested interest in fixing the problems began meeting to draft bills for the current legislative session. For guidance they called on Mark Pelka, who’s with the Council on State Government’s Justice Center.

Thursday, April 2 – With less than a month to go in the current legislative session, news director Dave Thompson stops by with an update. We’ll also look at other news from around the state. ~~~~ Matt Olien is here to review “Red Army.” ~~~ Here to tell us about the Fargo Police Department’s new security camera registration program, and online crime mapping, is officer Jessica Schindeldecker.  ~~~ Sara Otte Coleman, North Dakota tourism director, visits with Matt Olien in this clip from the Prairie Pulse television.

The Senate has given final approval to a bill that amends North Dakota's "anti-corporate farming law."

Senate votes down "brunch bill" for 11am alcohol sales

Mar 19, 2015

The Senate has voted down a bill to allow restaurants to serve alcohol one hour earlier on Sundays.

Current law prohibits alcohol sales before noon on Sunday.  Jamestown Democratic Senator John Grabinger says the current law could be hurting restaurants in border communities.