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Rachel Says It Is Sabir's

May 7, 2020

Rachel has a rich family relation to Sabir's and she says the food is great, too.

Julie goes for Ely's Ivy

May 7, 2020

Ely's (rhymes with bellies) Ivy  in Grand Forks attracts Julie with gourmet food and family friendliness.

Brenda meets the Gang at the Ground Round

May 7, 2020

Brenda likes the food at Bismarck's Ground Round, but it's that it's a great place to meet with a group of Moms who helped each other through the school years of their children that she mostly misses

Marvel and the Wild Rose Cafe and Bar

May 7, 2020

Germans from Russia are proud of their food -- listen to Marvel and you'll be wanting to head to Ashley for your own taste when you can.

Dinah and Famous Dave's

May 7, 2020

Hi, I'm Dinah Stevens. And the first place I'll go is Famous Dave's to eat their burnt ends tacos. They're really really great. They're yummy, yummy. Made from the ends of a beef brisket, which is seared and caramelized and you get to pick your own sauce. I always liked sweet & zesty BBQ sauce. I love summer because we can barbecue and I just plain love barbecue yum, yum.  Thanks!

Dana and the Dakota Cafe

May 7, 2020

Part of our series about where you want to go and why, and who wouldn't want about 25 cups of coffee for a dollar?

Prairie Public Television's Production Manager Barb Gravel joins Main Street's Ashley Thornberg to preview this season’s Prairie Musicians.

  North Dakota Quarterly is a long-standing literary and humanities publication from the University of North Dakota -- one of the famous “little magazines” that have been the traditional seed beds of talented writers. During these trying times, it’s being offered free of charge. Here to discuss the current issue is the editor, Bill Caraher.

In this debut episode of The Great American Folk Show, host Tom Brosseau kicks off the series with some of his dear friends: Oscar-nominated actor John C. Reilly, viral North Dakota food columnist Marilyn Hagerty, artist Penni Emrich Burkum, and musicians Tom Lennon and Heidi Gluck.

"That Darn Cat"

Apr 24, 2020

Matt comments on the rise of streaming services, particularly Disney+ and the old movies available like "That Darn Cat" and other films with child star Haley Mills.