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"Knives Out"

Dec 14, 2019

Strong reviews for this box office hit.

"Frozen 2"

Dec 10, 2019

Elsa the Snow Queen and her sister Anna embark on an adventure far away from the kingdom of Arendelle.

Tuba Christmas

Dec 6, 2019

Four locations in North Dakota

Doug Hamilton visits with writer Carol Kapaun Ratchenski of Fargo, winner of the inaugural Birdy Prize for her new book, "A Certain Kind of Forgiveness."

Sunday, December 1, at 5pm:

Thanksgiving - Gratitude

Margaret Visser, the author of Much Depends on Dinner, is best known for her books about the history, anthropology, and mythology of everyday life. Now she has turned her scholarly eye towards gratitude. The result is a book called The Gift of Thanks: The Roots, Persistence and Paradoxical Meanings of a Social Ritual.

Sunday, November 24, at 5pm: 

An Evening with Peter Schickele

In 2017, The Fargo-Moorhead Symphony presented the North Dakota premiere of "Concerto for Simply Grand Piano," a new commission by composer Peter Schickele in his humorous mode. Schickele won two Grammy awards for his comedic classical music recordings by "P.D.Q. Bach." He came to Fargo for the occasion, and read to an appreciative audience (that included many old friends) a memoir of his years in the town.

New York Post

A church in Mexico built a statue of the Baby Jesus that many on the internet are freaking out about because it resembles Phil Collins. Alison Krauss will be honored at a White House ceremony tonight, where President Trump will award her the National Medal of the Arts. But it's unclear whether she will show up. Spotify has announced its own awards show as a counter to the Grammys, that seems to focus on music from Latin America. And on Tuesday, Ireland's Central Bank will unveil a commemorative coin in honor of the late Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy. 


Minneapolis rap & soul superstar Lizzo leads the 62nd Grammy nominations with eight, including for Record and Song of the Year and Best New Artist. Others with multiple nominations include Bon Iver, Lana Del Rey and Vampire Weekend. The awards ceremony will be televised on CBS in January. Yo La Tengo's annual Hanukah concerts in New York City have inspired Verve's new collection, Hanukah Plus. Joining Yo La Tengo on the album are The Flaming Lips and HAIM, who cover a Leonard Cohen song. 

Brad Kahlhamer

Adopted kids can feel like they're at a crossroads, especially when their birth and adopted parents have different cultural, religious, or racial backgrounds. Artist Brad Kahlhamer's birth parents are native. His adopted parents aren't. He explores this in his show, A Nation of One, currently on display at the Plains Art Museum. 

"Doctor Sleep"

Nov 15, 2019

Matt's liking this sequel from the shining.