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This March, we covered the Poetry Out Loud North Dakota contest and our state winner, Maria Modi Tuya. We are excited that Maria has gone to the national contest and was declared one of nine finalists.  She did not win the top spot in the final rounds, but performed very well, as you could have seen had you watched the live webcast.  Congratulations to Maria.

Poetry Out Loud North Dakota 2018

Mar 7, 2018
Poppy Mills

Scroll down to see a list of who is featured in this piece.

Are You the Very Model of a Modern Sorry Valentine?

Jan 31, 2018

Are you the very model of the modern sorry Valentine?
Your gifts and little sentiments they never can arrive on time?
Well whether you’re a modern lovesick gentleman or lady-o
We surely can assist you with this offer from your radio.

Call us on the telephone it only takes a little time,
We’ll take your contributions of the eleemosynary kind
Forget the silly tie with hearts or pink blouse with big ru-u-ffles
we will send out in your name a box of chocolate tru-u-ffles

In 2012, Louise Erdrich appeared at a symposium put on by the North Dakota Humanities Council, at the Bluestem Amphitheatre in Moorhead.  Jamieson Ridenhour (also a writer) interviewed her, and the audience put in questions.  You can read a summary of her accomplishments here  , and if you want to look over and maybe even buy her books, here is a page at her own bookstore.

Mike Olson interviews Deb Jenkins about the Celebration of Women and Their Music, including songs by some of the artists who will be appearing. 

"Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri"

Dec 29, 2017