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Tuesday, September 18 – Most of us have seen those old photographs from the 1800s of American Indians that have a distinctive quality, the result of an archaic process called wet glass plate photography. The practice has been revived by photo artist Shane Balkowitch, who is once again creating compelling images of Native Americans today.

Monday, September 17 – Horticulturist Ron Smith is here to diagnose your latest lawn and garden woes. It’s been an interesting year – hot and dry at times, rather wet at others. Call with your questions during our 3pm live broadcast at 888-755-6377. Or email during the show or ahead of time to ~~~ Tom Isern shares a Plains Folk essay titled "Rare and Glorious Days."

Friday, September 14 – Author Rebecca Walker will be a featured speaker that the annual Faith, Reason and World Affairs Symposium next week at Concordia College. The Symposium theme this year is “Power Plays: Why Gender Matters.” Walker joins us to discuss her writing and activism, and to preview her comments. ~~~ Our weekly chat with news director Dave Thompson. ~~~ Matt Olien reviews “Papillon.”

Thursday, September 13 – Youth in foster care have often experienced neglect and abuse, which can result in challenges with attachment, trauma, mood, grief and loss.  A conference titled “

Wednesday, September 12 – The Gamechanger Ideas Festival began last week in Grand Forks.  It continues in Bismarck starting tonight, with an impressive lineup of events and guest speakers. Joining us is Kayla Schmidt of Humanities North Dakota, and Dr. Dhruv Khullar, one of the presenters. His talk is titled, “Finding Meaning in Medicine." ~~~ Problem gambling is an underreported addiction. Addiction professions say embarrassment can prevent addicts from seeking help.

Tuesday, September 11 – Jessica Bruder is a journalist who reports on subcultures and economic justice. For her recent book Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century, she spent months living in a camper van, documenting itinerant Americans who gave up traditional housing and hit the road full time, enabling them to travel from job to job and carve out a place for themselves in our precarious economy. The project spanned three years and more than 15,000 miles of driving—from coast to coast and from Mexico to the Canadian border.

Monday, September 10 – North Dakota’s grape growing and winemaking culture has taken off in the last two decades, going from no wineries to more than a dozen. We visit with Lisa Cook, co-owner of 4e Winery in Mapleton, ND, about the challenges and opportunities of cold-weather winemaking. ~~~ Harvest Public Media’s Amy Mayer visits the annual Farm Progress Show. ~~~ Bruce Berg shares a commentary on film violence. ~~~ When something is disruptive, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Friday, September 7 – Jack Russell Weinstein previews this week’s episode of “WHY? Philosophical Discussions about Everyday Life. His guest this month is Adam Kitzes from the UND English department. They ask the question, ‘Is Shakespeare still relevant?” ~~~ In part four of All Stars of the Nonpartisan League, we hear the story of Usher Burdick from Jan Daley Jury, the editor of “Prairie Populist: The Life and Times of Usher L. Burdick.” ~~~ Our weekly news chat with Dave Thompson. ~~~ A movie review from Matt Olien: “Operation Finale.”

Thursday, September 6 – Gaelynn Lea of Duluth, winner of the 2016 Tiny Desk Concert competition, has a new album coming out tomorrow. We share an encore conversation that first aired in March during a visit to North Dakota. ~~~ As corn and soybean farmers prepare for harvest, the crops in their fields are worth far less than before the trade wars started. As Frank Morris reports for Harvest Public Media, many say they’ve seen this movie before, and it ends badly. ~~~ A Natural North Dakota essay on grouse gastronomy.

Wednesday, September 5 – A Prairie Public original documentary, The Rise and Fall of the Nonpartisan League, will debut September 10th at 7pm. This documentary has been years in the making. Joining us to talk about her final project before retirement is producer Kim Stenehjem. ~~~ In a companion piece, we share a profile of NPL All-Star Bill Langer. ~~~ Chuck Lura shares a Natural North Dakota essay about radon, the naturally occurring gas that can pose a cancer risk. ~~~ The Nurturing Parenting Program helps parents develop healthier, stronger family relationships.