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Wednesday, May 12, 2021 - We hear from Dr. Tom Frieden, the president and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives, an initiative seeking to save 100 million lives globally by addressing cardiovascular disease and preventing pandemics. In this excerpt from the Conversations on Healthcare Podcast, he talks about the effort to build a stronger global health infrastructure, developing messages to tackle vaccine resistance, and the FDA’s recent decision to ban menthol cigarettes. ~~~ It’s morel mushroom hunting season in North Dakota and much of the Midwest. As Melissa Rosales reports for Harvest Public Media, people are scouring river bottoms to find the hollow, sponge-like, edible mushrooms. ~~~ The Bush Foundation has announced its 2021 Bush Fellows. Among them is Courtney Schaff, an organizer with North Dakota United. She plans to use her fellowship to help individuals take a more active role in shaping policy and increasing diversity in the state legislature. She visits with Ashley Thornberg.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021 - To recap the just-completed ND legislative session, we share an interview from the Prairie Pulse television show as host John Harris visits with Republican senator Ray Holmberg and Democratic representative Josh Boschee. ~~~ Imagine standing onstage in front of an audience and not knowing any of your lines, or even what your story is about. That’s what will happen in a performance from Theatre B. It’s a long-form improv show called “Tim and Jacob are Friends: Scriptless.” It’s a hybrid event, meaning people can watch online anywhere or in person. Joining us are the two cast members, Tim Larson and Jacob Hartje.

Monday, May 10, 2021 - Steven Johnson is the author of “Extra Life: A Short History of Living Longer.” A PBS television series of the same name, and hosted by Johnson, premieres tomorrow. The book and TV series look at the extraordinary successes of public health in the past century as life expectancy has doubled. Johnson joins us for a preview. ~~~ A PBS television special airing tonight at 8 Central dives into the right-to-die movement. Today we share an excerpt from our earlier visit with Diane Rehm, author and host of “When My Time Comes: Conversations About Whether Those Who Are Dying Should Have the Right to Determine When Life Should End.” ~~~ Chuck Lura shares a Natural North Dakota essay about the American Robin.

Sunday, May 9, 2021 - For our Sunday highlight show, we’ve chosen two encore interviews from the week. First, the Pfeiffer sisters, who talk about their idyllic 1950s childhood in rural North Dakota. They’re memoir is titled "While the Windmill Watched." ~~~ Kent Burkhardsmeier also grew up in North Dakota. He’s a photographer and a poet. Those two skills are on display in his new book, “Awareness: Whispers From Nature.” Like his first book in this series, it’s an expression of his journey seeking peace in nature.

Friday, May 7, 2021 - It seems philosophy can apply to anything. Another case in point is this Sunday’s “WHY? Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life” when Jack Russell Weinstein visits with business consultant Bob Colleran. Jack joins us for a preview. ~~~ News director Dave Thompson is here for our weekly wrap up on topics in the news. ~~~ Matt Olien reviews “I’m Thinking of Ending Things.”

Thursday, May 6, 2021 - Spring is busting out all over, and that means the brings in the questions are coming in for horticulturist Ron Smith. He joins us to discuss the many lawn issues, the problem of dry trees, and much more. ~~~ Chuck Lura is here for a Natural North Dakota report about woodland wildflowers. ~~~ Sue Balcom is here for Main Street Eats. Today she shares some thoughts for Mothers’ Day.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - Kent Burkhardsmeier grew up in North Dakota. He’s a photographer and a poet. Those two skills are on display in his new book, “Awareness: Whispers From Nature.” Like his first book in this series, it’s an expression of his journey seeking peace in nature. Everyone who pledges during Main Street today will be entered in a drawing to receive our signed copy of Kent’s book. ~~~ Another writer who grew up in North Dakota is Deb Marquart. She’s now teaching at Iowa State in Ames, and is Iowa's Poet Laureate. She reads an essay for us titled ““Dimes.” ~~~ Our third literary voice of the day is NDSU distinguished professor of history, Tom Isern. He shares a Plains Folk essay titled “The lay of the Last Longhorn.”

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 - Where we are from shapes who we are. For the Pfeiffer sisters, 1950s rural North Dakota proved to be an idyllic childhood. Together they wrote about their young lives in, "While the Windmill Watched." ~~~ Commentator Eliza Blue shares a Postcard from the Prairie.


Monday, May 3, 2021 - We visit with Eric Dregni, author of “For the Love of Cod: A Father and Son's Search for Norwegian Happiness.” It’s the story of a return trip to Norway, where Eric was born, to investigate whether it really is the happiest country on Earth. ~~~ Bill Thomas shares more poetry readings from this year’s “Poetry Out Loud” event in North Dakota.

  Sunday, May 2, 2021 - New York Times bestselling author Blaine Harden discusses  one of the most persistent "alternative facts" in American history about a missionary, a tribe, a massacre, and a myth that shaped the American West. His his new book is “Murder at the Mission.” ~~~ UND philosophy professor Jack Weinstein joins us for another episode of “Philosophical Currents,” when we look at issues through a philosophical lens. This month's topic involves our perception of racially-charged events.